Doctor's Letters

The first letter is for doctors abroad, the second is for Customs/port of entry, and the third is for airline staff. Also consider filing copies of these letters with the Personnel department at your workplace, and keep other copies with you at all times. (For children, keep copies in your child's principal's office, nurse's office, and teachers' files.)

Sample Letters From Treating Doctor

When traveling, you may need to produce a letter from your treating doctor, either to explain your treatment needs or to convince various officials of your legitimate need to be carrying your factor and infusion equipment.

For these reasons, it is advised that people with haemophilia keep medical identification on them at all times.

Print out these letters using the links below, and have your doctor or haemophilia centre copy them onto their letterheaded paper.

Sample Letter for Doctors Abroad

Sample Letter for Customs/Port of Entry

Sample Letter for Airline Staff

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